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kenneth yeo
design director, singapore studio, managing director, hong kong studio

"designing is not about providing trendy solutions...​"

educational qualifications: 

1995 Master of Science in Construction Science, University of Oklahoma, USA

1994 Bachelor of Interior Design with Distinction, University of Oklahoma, USA

1987 Diploma in Land Surveying, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

professional experiences:

2000 – Present infiniti studio, Design Director, Singapore

2000 – Present Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Adjunct Lecturer

2015 - 2018 HKS APAC Design Consulting Pte Ltd, Director of Interior Design (Healthcare) 

2010 – 2016 Temasek Polytechnic, Adjunct Lecturer

2004 – 2006 Singapore Polytechnic, Adjunct Lecturer ​

2000 – 2002 Small Space Pte Ltd, Director, Singapore

1996 – 1999 Pacific Design Associates Pte Ltd, Project Designer (Hospitality)

1995 – 1996 HKS Inc, Dallas, Texas, USA, Interior Designer

1994 – 1995 University of Oklahoma,

USA, Teaching Assistant to Professor Jerlene Reynolds

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